Covenants & Documents

Stone Bridge Creek Homeowners Association

Covenants & Documents

The purpose of your HOA’s restrictive covenants is to help maintain an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood and protect the value of your homes. Your HOA is not interested in invading your privacy, but the restrictive covenants have been developed for a reason and will be strictly enforced.

View the entire restrictive covenants by using the link below:

Stone Bridge Creek 12-13-14 Additions-Restrictive Covenants
Stone Bridge Creek Restrictive Covenants-Amended Dec 2015

Common Covenant Violations Include:

  • All front, side, and rear yard areas shall be seeded or sodded within six months after completion of construction. Within one year, not less than $250.00 shall be spent on each lot for landscaping other than the lawn.
  • No recreational vehicle, as defined by the Lincoln Municipal Code, shall be parked or stored upon the front yard of any lot within the Properties. Recreational vehicles in operational condition may be parked or stored upon the back or side yards of a lot within the Properties.
  • Any dog run or kennel shall be adequately screened from view and shall not be located in the front yard or within five feet of any lot line.
  • Lots shall be periodically mowed and loose debris and materials picked up and properly stored to prevent them from being spread and blown throughout the Properties.

Please read the Restrictive Covenants. It is your responsibility to know and comply with these covenants for the good of the neighborhood. Concerns, complaints, or questions regarding compliance with the Covenants can be referred to the HOA board at

Violations of City Ordinances should be directed to the Lincoln Police Department’s non-emergency number at 402-471-6000 or the appropriate city agency.