What do my dues cover?

HOA dues covers upgrades like the recently installed mini-park, the upkeep of commons areas and roundabouts, and whatever else residents want the dues to cover. They also cover expenses such as postage, accounting services, webhosting, and legal services.

How much are my dues?

HOA dues are $100.00 annually.

When are my dues payable?

Dues are invoiced in January and they are payable within 30 days of the invoice.

How do I become active in the HOA?

Volunteers in the HOA are needed to help make Stone Bridge Creek a wonderful place to live and protect the investments in our homes. You can become active in any committee by contacting the HOA Board at sbchoa@gmail.com.

What are common non-emergency numbers?

Police and City Ordinances: (402) 441-6000
Poison Control: (800) 222-1222
Animal Control: (402) 441-7900

What are my garbage company options?

The covenants restrict refuse services:
Uribe Refuse: (402) 467-1239 or email us
Capital City Refuse: (402) 730-3613 or email us

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